Why You Need an Eye Exam

Why You Need an Eye Exam

Why You Need an Eye Exam 778 436 Dr. Yvonne

When was your last eye exam? In this video, you can review health facts about the eyes and how an eye exam can detect not only eye disease but other health problems such as diabetes, glaucoma and even cancer. Because your eye doctor is able to look inside the eye, the human eye is an easy way for your doctor to observe diseases that can affect the whole body.

Dr. Yvonne

Dr. Jenkins has over 26 years of experience in the Optometric industry, working as an optician as well as practicing as a therapeutic optometrist and as an optometric glaucoma specialist. She specializes in geriatric and pediatric vision, computer vision syndrome (CVS) as well as challenging contact lens fittings for soft and rigid gas permeable bifocal contact lenses, keratoconus and post refractive surgery. Her strengths include the management of pre- and post-operative refractive surgeries and the diagnosis, treatment, and management of dry eyes syndrome, glaucoma, and other ocular diseases.

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